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UX Is The Key For Web

Founder & Director of Pure Buzz; With passions for technology, philosophy, psychology
and how they relate within the nature of aesthetics and marketing

When did you last browse your website? Did you look at it with fresh eyes? Blank to what you know? In an age of web equality, where every website should by now be up to par, then what does it even mean to have a website? Not a whole lot. What does it mean to have a great UX? A great deal. This is the thing that endears to customers. You can no longer tick boxes. They won’t be convinced and so you must above all consider flow. Of both the viewer's eye, the cursor's hand and your brand's wider narrative

Where does your design lead the eye? Is it to the right places? Or critically, to the wrong places? Does the geometry make sense in context of your verbiage and offerings? Are the right segments emphasised and from there does it naturally flow and carry attentions to delve further into your narrative? These are all things we love to help companies with. All too often the web strategies of a brand becomes matter of fact. Find a developer, give them some verbiage and brand points. As long as content is displayed and you have all the right pages then the job is now done, is it not

It depends on your goals. Are you deploying the right iconography or any at all? Is your website media rich and are you leaning on royalty content? Does it paint any picture or simply relay a message? Without all these considerations of UX and building endearment to your platform, then the website isn’t going to generate leads. It will only generate leads in the sense of procedure, that is to say your customer must have already been convinced before they visited the website, the visit is just now a matter of formality. But is that really the sum of value you want to be generating from your website

Instead do you not want every customer facing facet of your brand to seamlessly interact? To communicate a true value and illustrate philosophies? This is one of your very narrow opportunities to shine. Stand out and don’t settle for generic. Establish your message, your content and your narrative and build around this. Don’t simply consider them filler for the web design, instead consider them as fundamentally informing design. How does this content best work in the context of the web? How bold should it be? What should it play off of? Where does it flow? These are all major considerations of UX and how it interacts with the values of your brand. So whenever you think of web design, don’t think that just having a tidy looking website is going to sell

It simply isn’t going to extoll your best virtues if it isn’t firstly built around the considerations of your wider philosophies. This won’t be the first time a customer has seen your website, they’ve seen it hundreds and thousands of times before. Through experiences on the websites of other companies. Ones who all followed a trend and came at it backwards by shoehorning content into an already established design approach. The way to communicate is to build your platforms around the value of its content

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