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Potential of Value

Founder & Director of Pure Buzz; With passions for technology, philosophy, psychology
and how they relate within the nature of aesthetics and marketing

The key to perpetually growing a product or services company is through securing a trusted brand image and then further developing satisfaction and loyalty through your customers. The solution to this resides within providing authentic value, always focused on the consumer first. Too many companies think to take their consumer for granted and that just by being visible or by filling their inboxes every day with ‘fantastic offers’ or ‘chosen just for you’ style of marketing promotionals they can achieve a productive avenue towards engendering a viable relationship with their customer base

This is simply not the case and more often than not will rub your audience up the wrong way, their time is more valuable than yours and by wasting it with self-promotion, you are not going to endear yourselves to the individual, so this has ended up being entirely counter-productive. Which this then brings everything back to adding an authentic value. This means you will have to give instead of take. Consider this endeavour a ‘loss-leader’ if you will. You need to provide opportunities, knowledge or insight that will truly deliver an impact to the interests or needs of your customer, whether this come at a cost to you or not, as you are surely to reap these rewards back further down the line when your brand image comes into its own through your values first approach

This style of marketing philosophy may take the form of a short essay explaining a subject that they’ve displayed clear interest in through the nature of their relationship with your business or it may be in following up on a segment of product or service they’re already invested in by providing them with the latest updates or developments which will add value to their pertaining field of interest. Whichever approach you take to this will ultimately mean that you’re providing the customer with a net value they would otherwise be lacking. You have taken out of your time and pocket and put sales patter aside in an opportunity to provide them with something of a genuine interest or value to them. This will resonate deeply when it comes to the relationship a customer has with perceiving your brand

Many people misinterpret the state of play in where to leverage data-driven modern marketing, it is not simply about being seen, as this is what everyone is trying to do and is easily achieved when you are certain of your demographic and targets. In putting visibility above all then you will simply become a background noise by your attempts of ‘trying to be seen’. And so the truly effective path is to simply put visibility to the wayside and instead bring value to the forefront. People will only seek what is truly valuable to them, if you are offering the value they consciously or subconsciously seek then they are inevitable going to find your prospects attractive providing that your material is carrying the precise and correct syntax along with emphasising the general framework of what you’re offering in your products or services

When it comes to the decisions of how you can best offer value to your market sector and customer-base then this is where we can step in to offer our insights towards helping you identify the under-leveraged assets or value within your business, product offerings or within your own staff. The truth is in being an educator, so you will need to carry out self-assessments to identify where you can best enlighten and educate your customer-base within the realms of values and principles that truly resonate with them. We’re sure you’ll do great

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